Expedited Site Assessment: The CD

Expedited Site Assessment: The CD provides technical guidance on conducting three-dimensional investigations at underground storage tank (UST) sites using direct push tools and field screening methods. Whether you are a novice or experienced professional, or whether your field of expertise is geology, hydrogeology, engineering, soil science or environmental science, you will find a wealth of information to help you conduct state-of-the-art site investigations at gasoline service stations, brown fields and other industrial sites.

Hot topics covered include: estimating the mass of NAPL in soil, purging monitoring wells, delineating MTBE groundwater plumes, evaluating the attenuation of contamination by biodegradation, and conducting multilevel soil and groundwater sampling to evaluate problems in three-dimensions.

The CD contains guidance in multimedia format, which includes PC videos, animations, simulations, and slide presentations. Spreadsheets are also included for data tabulation and analysis.

The CD was developed by Gary A. Robbins, Professor of Hydrogeology, in the Department of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Connecticut, in cooperation with the LUST Program group at the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and the Connecticut Department of Public Works.

Please note: The CD was originally issued in 2001 for Windows 95. The current version plays on Windows 7. However, the form and content of the original version have not been changed. There is no support available.

A copy of the CD can be obtained free of charge by emailing your request and mailing address to gary.robbins@uconn.edu